by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Wednesday 16 July 2014

Previously, we featured street artist OakOak giving his hometown of St. Etienne, France a humorous makeover by adding in witty artworks to unnoticed and unappreciated parts of the city. Today he continues his mission, finding little cracks and imperfections along the street and making them interact with various pop culture characters.

‘My main interest is giving importance to places and objects that people don’t notice anymore. I walk a lot every day and that’s how I get to find new attractive places with urban elements such as broken walls for example’, he tells Bulkka. ‘When I see something interesting during my walks, I measure it and study it, and I come back later to make the collage. I prefer to prepare the drawings and drafts at home’.

With OakOak’s brand of street art, you’ll definitely stop and smell the flowers appreciate the sidewalk. You can see more of his artworks over on his Facebook page.

Via This Is Colossal