Featured Image for These condoms bring out the geeky side of practicing safe sex

These condoms bring out the geeky side of practicing safe sex

‘Safety First’ is a series by Melbourne-based graphic designer ‘Kode Logic’, wherein he uses geeky taglines and quotes as witty slogans for condoms. By using TV shows and comic book references, he hopes to tug on the geeky heart strings of people and get them to use condoms more often.

For instance, he takes the Pokemon slogan, ‘Gotta catch ‘em all’, and gives it a naughty spin by incorporating it into a condom design, making it instantly relatable to fans of the show. Other designs reference Batman, Superman, Dragonball Z, and Mortal Kombat.

It’s one clever idea that uses something as simple as a show’s tagline, then twists it for a good cause. How can you not wear a condom after seeing a ‘Her satisfaction level is over 9000’ written on it?

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