Featured Image for You’ll be impressed after realizing these photos are not really photos

You’ll be impressed after realizing these photos are not really photos

You’ve been had! What you might have thought are black & white photos are actually photo-realistic drawings by Malaysian artist Monica Lee! Using graphite pencils, Lee draws people, animals, and cityscapes in great detail, even going as far as including freckles and pores to make the portraits more true to life.

‘I like to challenge myself with complex portraits especially people with freckles or beard’, she says. ‘And I’m addicted to details. I like drawing in as much details as I can into my work’. You can see more of Lee’s amazing drawings on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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monica lee
monica lee 8
monica lee 2
monica lee 3
monica lee 4
monica lee 5
monica lee 6
monica lee 7

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