Featured Image for Swimmers had quite the shock when what looked like an oil spill turned out to be something quite different

Swimmers had quite the shock when what looked like an oil spill turned out to be something quite different

Early last week there was quite a stir at Scripps Pier off La Jolla in California. Initially locals were shocked and appalled to see what looked like a oil spill nearing the beach. On closer inspection swimmers were equally shocked, but also delighted, to discover that it was actually a monumentally-large shoal of anchovies.

The massive school of Northern Anchovies was so unique and unexpected that Robert Monroe from the nearby Institute of Oceanography wasted no time in racing for his GoPro and jumping in the water. He was not alone as other divers soon joined him. Such a large shoal of baitfish hasn’t been seen anywhere near this close to land in over 30 years, especially in the warm 73 degree waters around San Francisco.

Surfers and swimmers weren’t the only ones intrigued and delighted by the unexpected occurence, in the video you can see a leopard sharks feeding happily only metres away from humans. I wonder if anybody ever told him how great anchovies are on a pizza…

Via Grind TV

Massive shoal of anchovies looks like oil spill

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