by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Tuesday 15 July 2014

In this extraordinary aerial photoshoot we are given a unique view on the largest opencast coal-mining pit in the world. German photographer Bernhard Lang travelled to the Hambach mine (or should we say above it) to capture this astounding photographs. Here is an excerpt from his description of this series to give you an idea of the enormous scale.

“It is one of the largest man-made holes in the world, at nearly 1,500 feet deep, and currently covers almost 35 square kilometres. Everything at the mine is at a giant scale: The machines inside, scooping out coal and moving around sand and dirt, are each the height of 30-story office buildings and twice as long as soccer fields.”

Germany is the world’s largest producer of brown coal, churning out 194.4 megatons per year, with China in second place at about half of that.

Via Cat In Water