by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Saturday 12 July 2014

Who says that you have to stop being active when you get old? You’re as old as you feel and if you want to swim rivers, jump hurdles and wrestle grizzly bears when you’re an octogenarian, then you go ahead and do it! The elderly people in these images are certainly breaking the mould. Minneapolis-based photographer Angela Jimenez has created Racing Age , a photographic series documenting a series of track and field event meets for over 55-year olds. The sportsmen and women featured in the series still seem fiercely competitive, and the tone of the project isn’t patronising in the slightest.

‘I am a (retired) college heptathlete. I understand and love the sport. I love these athletes, but don’t fully understand them. And I like that,’ Jimenez says. Let’s hope we’re all still able to chuck a javelin or run a mile when we’re pushing 90.

Via Huffington Post