by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Friday 11 July 2014

We are all aware to some degree that we should attempt to cut down on wastefulness, try to recycle more and generally probably maybe do something to look after the planet better. The fact is however, that very few of us do much in the face of all this environmental guilt. We all see the sensationalist media, but not many of us really know where to begin.

Californian photographer Greg Segal brings us his current series entitled 7 Days of Garbage. Just as it says on the tin, the series captures households lying amongst the rubbish that they have accumulated over seven days. Segal places his the rubbish around his subjects as they lie on naturalistic backgrounds such as ponds and fields in order to create a direct link in the viewer’s mind that the amount of trash you produce can have an untempered impact on the environment.

Segal strove to choose people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to give the best representation of waste across society. About the project he said: ‘Of course, there were some people who edited their stuff. I said, ‘Is this really it?’ I think they didn’t want to include really foul stuff so it was just packaging stuff without the foul garbage. Other people didn’t edit and there were some nasty things that made for a stronger image.’

You may feel like you don’t produce nearly as much waste as some of these families, but you should probably think again. Try hanging on to all your garbage for a week and see how you measure up.

Via Bored Panda