Featured Image for Designer jeans complete with scratches and tooth marks of lions, tigers, a bear or two

Designer jeans complete with scratches and tooth marks of lions, tigers, a bear or two

For their creation of a denim ‘worn-out’ style collection, a Japanese fashion label has partnered with the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City for a rather unusual mode of production. Workers at the wildlife park wrapped long sheets of denim material around car tires which are then placed inside the habitats where tigers, lions and bears roam, leaving these residents to bite, tear and scratch at their new fabric toys.

The blue denim are thus scarred, shredded and sewn together from the semi-eaten pieces. After going through so much trouble by both humans and beasts, the collection will be auctioned off to encourage the environmental protection of animals, and the revenues will be donated to both the zoo and the World Wildlife Fund. And we can debate on this till the cows come home.

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