Trekking in The Remarkables wearing shoes fashioned from old seal guts

Several animals have evolved oversized feet, enabling them to move more quickly through deep snow. It is this quirk in evolution that has inspired indigenous people around the world to create ‘shoes’ that are much larger than their feet, allowing the wearer to travel over the snow without sinking.

This fashion has evolved from old seal guts into modern, high-tech footwear for the snowy months and has inspired New Zealand’s NZWalks, based in Queenstown on the South Island, to take visitors ‘snow shoeing’.

Lost At E Minor was lucky enough to join Peter from NZWalks on a guided walk to the very top of The Remarkables, which live up to their name: rising 1900m and are one of only two mountain ranges in the world which run directly north to south.

Snow shoeing allows visitors to experience the serenity of the spectacular ‘back country’ away from the busy ski fields. The new modern snow shoes allow you to walk across unbroken snow without sinking up to your waist, opening up huge possibilities for wilderness exploration – our trip took us to almost 1700m above sea level.

To learn more, check out the Shoe Shoeing website.

Snow-Shoeing with NZWalks
Snow-Shoeing with NZWalks
Snow-Shoeing with NZWalks
Snow-Shoeing with NZWalks
Snow-Shoeing with NZWalks

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