Floodwater seeps into deserted Thai mall; now teems with koi and catfish

New World, a former shopping mall in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, used to have 11 floors until 1997, when its top 7 floors had to be demolished to comply with new rules on building heights. Two years after that, the roofless mall suffered an arson attack, which led it to become deserted since with rainwater seeping into the basement. About a decade ago, an anonymous person started to introduce koi and catfish to the watery basement, and it has since become a home for the thriving fish population. Professional cook Jesse Rockwell recently ventured into the place and blogged about his experience. The pictures are simply stunning.

Via Design Taxi

Abandoned mall fish (2)
Abandoned mall fish (3)
Abandoned mall fish (4)
Abandoned mall fish (5)

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