by Inigo del Castillo in Architecture on Thursday 10 July 2014

With a little bit of imagination, the whole world can be your art oyster – even electrical towers! ‘Leuchttrurm’, which means ‘Lighthouse’, is a 2010 art installation by three art students from Klasse Lobbert in Germany.

Artists Ali Hwang, Hae-Ryan, and Chung-Ki Park used vibrant, multi-colored cut triangles of Acrylglas to make the structure look like a tower adorned with stained glass. The triangles clumped together mostly at the base, gradually fading in numbers as it went up. With the lighthouse standing magnificently along a bike path in Hattingen, it attracted the attention and admiration of curious passers-by who have probably never seen an electric tower as fancy as this.

Via This Is Colossal