by Inigo del Castillo in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 9 July 2014

‘Bottled Food’ is an eye-opening series by mixed-media artist Tom Davie, wherein he takes processed foods usually found in cans or boxes, and repackages them into glass bottles. Mac & cheese may be heaven when we see it in its usual box, but put it in a transparent container and it’s just sickening. The same goes for potted meat and baked beans, both of which look entirely inedible as they sit there looking like strange alien specimens.

The series exposes everyday consumer items for what they really are, unnatural and unappetizing substitutes for the real thing. Davie gives us a chance to see past the fancy packaging these supermarket items come in and hopefully, change our eating lifestyles in the process. Now, anyone care for baked beans through a straw? Anyone?

Via Laughing Squid