Featured Image for Never lose your luggage again by transforming them into giant sushi

Never lose your luggage again by transforming them into giant sushi

The secret to never losing your luggage at the airport baggage claim area? Camouflage! Japanese company Omise Parco created a suitcase cover concept that will disguise your luggage into giant pieces of sushi, which in turn, will hilariously transform the baggage claim area into a giant sushi conveyor belt!

The polyester suitcase covers come in three flavors: Tamago, Salmon, and Ebi. It’s meant to make your luggage stand out from the hundreds of ordinary-looking bags in the airport. One look at the sushi-covered bag and everyone on the floor will know that this item belongs to that one weird fellow (you) and they’ll back off immediately.

The sushi covers are available for about $30 at the Narita International Airport in Japan or online.

Via Spoon-Tamago

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