Featured Image for A mythical half-fox, half-woman chimera charms visitors at Karachi zoo

A mythical half-fox, half-woman chimera charms visitors at Karachi zoo

Visitors to Karachi Zoo in Pakistan make a beeline towards the the cage of ‘Mumtaz Begum Africa Wali’ which has a mythical half-fox, half-woman chimera. Her believers believe she was born in Africa 35 years ago and live on cake, juice and fruits. They ask her serious questions about their destiny, examination results, or whether their daughter can be married off and she answers them in several local languages.

We hate to spoil the optical illusion but Mumtaz is really a man popping his head out of a box with a stuffed headless fox lying next to his head. But why chose a man and not a woman for this job? According to zoo director Mohammad FHA Khan, men are able to respond better to harassment and negative comments. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

Via Oddity Central

A mythical half-fox
A mythical half-fox

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