Featured Image for If the Game of Thrones’ houses joined the football World Cup, their uniforms would look like this

If the Game of Thrones’ houses joined the football World Cup, their uniforms would look like this

World Cup fever is on – and it has spread to the violent and bloody realm of Westeros! Spanish designer Nerea Palacios designed World Cup uniforms for each of the houses that exist in the beloved George R.R. Martin series, ‘Game of Thrones’.

Some of these include: The Lannisters, Targaryens, Starks, Baratheons, Martells, and even the Night’s Watch. ‘I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones and of football,’ she tells The Guardian. ‘I had already designed all the World Cup kits, so I was looking for something fresh that hadn’t been done before. So it allowed me some freedom’.

When asked how she managed to turn family sigils into Nike-inspired athletic wear, she says, ‘I think it’s really easy: they have the crest, the House colours, and even the motivational phrase – it’s practically a sport to reach the throne’.

Which team are you rooting to win the FIFA Westeros Cup?

Via The Guardian

nerea palacios
nerea palacios 3
nerea palacios 6
nerea palacios 8
nerea palacios 9
nerea palacios 10
nerea palacios 12
nerea palacios 4
nerea palacios 7
nerea palacios 11
nerea palacios 1
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