by Milo Sumner in New Design on Wednesday 2 July 2014

We’re thoroughly tickled by these graphical re-imaginings of famous movie posters. Indian designer Danish Ahmed conjured up this series of images that take their titles very literally, and are hilarious besides. Steering clear of the overfamiliar faces of celebrity actors that cover that majority of movie posters and saying little about the movie itself, Danish’s tongue was definitely in his cheek when he was producing these posters.

The collection includes revamps of posters from the likes of Iron Man, Transformers, Saw 3D and Milk. Our personal favourite is the new and improved This Means War cover: a google search confirming that ‘this’ really does mean ‘war’. A close second has to be the apple falling from the tree, a very literal (and very Newtonian) visualisation of Gravity. Cracking stuff.

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