by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Monday 30 June 2014

How many people have shared your bed in the last 789 days? Even if you can remember all of them or there aren’t many to remember, chances are you didn’t document the whole lot of them tumbling, sleeping, smoking and rolling all over your bed. That is exactly what Dutch photographer Katy Strange did do, however, producing a series which she imaginatively dubbed ‘789’.

All jokes aside, the provocative project is striking in black and white, baring the exposed privacy of the artist in her most intimate moments with friends and (we can only assume) lovers. It takes some serious stones to create a series like this, partly for the sheer unadulterated honesty and also for the endurance it must require to keep such a documentation up for over two years worth of bedfellows.

Strange’s 789 is a record of a young woman’s antics, crashing between love, sauce and sadness.
Check out the full project and more on Katy’s website

Via Featureshoot