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Subversive art cheekily played out in public

All right, so we’re currently enamored with Fra.Biancoshock’s crazily engaging brand of street art. The Milan-based artist has stuck giant cardboard bandages onto cracked walls among others, and we can’t wait to see what new mischief he might be up to soon, besides sticking mirrors in the face of surveillance cams, making massive frayed wires out of toilet paper-ed spiral staircases at a telecoms headquarters building, spelling out the word ‘LIVE’ in a graffiti-inspired font with dead leaves, or re-positioning a dumpster diving icon out of the ubiquitous rubbish bin icon.

Via Wooster Collective

Fra.Biancoshock art
Fra.Biancoshock art
Fra.Biancoshock art
Fra.Biancoshock art

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