by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Tuesday 24 June 2014

When viewing Turkey-based artist Hasan Kale’s paintings, you might have to bring a magnifying glass, or else risk not seeing the artworks at all! Previously, the artist painted Istanbul’s landscapes on tiny canvases such as pumpkin seeds, butterfly wings, peanut husks, and grains of rice. Now he’s turned his sights – or his magnifying glass – towards M&Ms, banana chips, chocolate bars, quail eggs, and pretzel sticks.

It’s amazing how precise and accurate Kale’s hand-eye coordination is to paint on a scale like this. Just look at that detail! It’s just sad to know that these artworks won’t last very long, considering their organic nature. Kale’s next goal is even bigger (or should I say smaller?) He plans to paint the silhouette of Istanbul on a single strand of hair!

Via This Is Colossal