by Milo Sumner in New Art on Friday 20 June 2014

In the spirit of conscientious production and preserving the planet, we love all forms of recycling and conservation. It just makes us feel all warm and smug inside. Korean artist Yong Ho Ji takes it to a whole new level however, with his seriously up-cycled beast sculptures.

Created from the shreds of old tyres, Yong Ho Ji has produced a host of fearsome creatures, mythical beasts and human-animal hybrids, all of which seem like they’re the stuff of Guillermo Del Toro’s nightmares.

Ranging from two foot to an impressive nine feet high, the sculptures are remarkable in their sinuous form and realistic fearsome appearance even before you consider that Yong Ho Ji has sculpted them from discarded tyres. Not exactly a typically malleable medium.

The artist acheived his BA in fine art from Hongik University in Seoul before gaining his masters degree from New York University in 2008. Since then he has participated in various exhibitions, both group and solo. His work is currently on display at the Contemporary Arts Foundation in NYC and the Seoul Museum of Art.

Via Imgur