by Milo Sumner in New Illustration on Friday 20 June 2014

Oh boy, creative man Marsder (a.k.a Darrick Lin) hits the nail on the head time after time with his teeny-tiny model scenes of typical office-place moments. Self-styled as an “observer of the tiny moments of agency life”, Marsder creates miniature scenarios of all those moments at work that we can all relate to in his series entitled 1:87.

From the joyless task of migrating computer files to an inconvenient bout of daydreaming, Marsder encapsulates the mindset of the agency-worker with a distinct and tongue-in-cheek manner.

His tools are pretty simple, using various office banalities like keyboards, desktops and post-its as his backdrops, Marsder employs quietly hilarious model humans to act out his scenes. The results are pure gold.

Our favourites from among his many (many!) images are those that tell of how frustrating it can be to work as a creative in a corporate setting, having your ideas ignored, trampled and changed under your nose. Marsder creates his dioramas so exquisitely that they could not capture that monday morning office feeling better.

As far as we can tell, the talented young Marsder runs his Instagram and Tumblr pages on tiny office life purely for his own amusement. Frankly, we say: leave your day job, this deserves your undivided attention!