by Milo Sumner in Cool Travel on Wednesday 18 June 2014

My mother taught me that manners maketh man, that good etiquette and moral-standing are what separate us from the beasts! That is not to say that I listened to her in the slightest… Sure I find it easy to be magnanimous when i’m on the winning team, but if I wind up on the side of defeat then it’s batten-down-the-hatches temper tantrum time. Most likely more of us are like this than we care to admit, but not the Japanese it seems.

Fans of the Japanese World Cup football team displayed their impeccable class on Saturday when, having been soundly beaten by the Ivory Coast, they stayed behind and tidied up the stadium. This is no fabrication or bending of real events, we kid you not, a nation’s worth of football supporters witnessed the loss of an opening match in the greatest competition of the sport… and cleaned up afterwards.

It is customary in Japan for fans do this apparently, and it’s not even a first for the World Cup. It seems that the Japanese football fans are renowned for their superb sporting etiquette.

Even the football team, the Blue Samurais themselves, remained sombre and displayed their gratitude to the stadium by bowing to opposing team and fans alike.

While it is inexplicably refreshing to see clean, litter-free stands instead of broken skulls and overturned cars, we are also slightly perturbed by this gaping cultural contrast. If this is how the commiserate… how on earth do they celebrate? Replant the entire the pitch? Clean an entire city?

All we can really do is take our hats off to you Japan, you classy minx.

Via Policymic