by Kenny Ong in New Art on Wednesday 18 June 2014

Banksy is a pseudonymous U.K-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine social commentary with dark humor and can be seen on streets, walls and bridges throughout the world.

Paying tribute to Banksy’s creations, photographer Jeff Friesen has created a LEGO interpretation of Banksy’s series of works and named his collection Bricksy. As Friesen said, ‘There is something compelling about gritty street scenes rendered in clean, modernist LEO bricks’.

Inspired by Banksy’s various art pieces (seen in a small box within the different pieces featured here), Firesen not only infused his LEGO pieces with a humorous twist, but expands Banksy’s works in his own way. Along the way, they arouse the viewer into a ‘What if?’ or ‘If only’ contemplative state of mind.

Via My Modern Met