by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Tuesday 17 June 2014

Are your creative juices not flowing? Maybe you need to think outside the box – or think outside the lines, rather. Marc Thomasset of Brussels-based design firm ‘TM’ created a notebook that’s pretty unconventional. Rather than having typical lines of an average notebook, the 28-page ‘Inspiration Pad’ has swirls, 3D lines, and geometric shapes. The change in design supposedly helps your brain become more creative.

‘In 2001 I was drawing projects in a notebook’, recalls Thomasset. ‘And suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like, so I wanted to turn the conventional upside down with curved, angles and twisted lines in order to create one which could inspire people to unleash their own creativity’.

Via Laughing Squid