Featured Image for Someone is selling the soul of Ryan Gosling on Etsy for a mere $15

Someone is selling the soul of Ryan Gosling on Etsy for a mere $15

Good news, ladies. You can now have the man of your dreams, or his soul at least. Etsy shop ‘SoulsRUs’ is selling the souls of celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, and Drake for a mere $15. Apparently, celebrity souls are color pink and can be contained by Mason jars.

Molly Gates, owner of the said shop, tells Mashable of her early beginnings as a reaper of souls, ‘I was playing with a childhood friend … ‘reaping’ souls of her stuffed animals. You know, kid stuff. Then I got my hands on her hamster, and when I pretended to reap its soul, I actually did it. That friend and I don’t talk anymore’.

She says getting your soul taken is actually painless (though how would she know?) Other star-studded souls she’s taken are Oprah, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber. You can also ask for custom reaped souls, just give her a name and she’ll do the rest.

You can purchase a freshly reaped human soul here.

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