by Kenny Ong in New Products on Monday 16 June 2014

If you’re the fastidious sort who’d wrinkle up your nose at the sharing of sex dolls, let us assure you it isn’t what you think. A seller on eBay in the U.K. has hit on the idea of using a sex doll to sell his car. He borrowed the doll, called Sandy, from a friend who has also used the figure for advertising purposes.

That friend has clearly and logically explained the benefits of using Sandy as opposed to hiring a real model, ‘Pose-able mannequins are ready and do what you need them to do. You don’t get the fuss you might get with models’. He went on to add, ‘You don’t need to feed them or pick them up from the train station and you don’t need to pay them any royalties. There are an enormous number of cars for sale and the mannequins are a way to grab attention’.

Angus Dean, the man who borrowed Sandy to sell the 1990 Volkswagen Golf, has also used the doll successfully before too. ‘We did the same with a ride-on mower, and it sold straight away’, he told the Daily Mail.

Via Metro UK