Guess what the oldest pair of pants discovered were invented for? Clue: you wouldn’t want to do it without em’

A new study in Quaternary International has recently revealed that the world’s oldest pair of pants was likely invented for riding horses. Discovered at a tomb in China, both the pants and the person wearing it (who’s obviously now a crumbling skeleton) are already 3000 years old. It is postulated that the owner of the pants was likely a warrior in his mid-40s who was buried with other horse-related implements, including a bit, whip, bridle and a horse tail.

Horses had obviously played an important role in this buried person’s culture and scientists believe that horses were first domesticated somewhere in Central Asia between 4,000 and 3,500 years ago. It is thus likely that trousers were invented soon after humans figured out that horses could be trained for carrying people on their backs. After all, a naked bum would have probably been disastrous when riding horseback.

Via Smithsonian Magazine

old pants
old pants

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