by Kenny Ong in Architecture on Saturday 14 June 2014

Listen up, you climbing enthusiasts! If you don’t already know, the world’s tallest vertical wall that is available for you to conquer is Diga di Luzzone in Switzerland. Built at a height of 540 feet, this artificial structure is actually part of the functioning Luzzone dam. While it was never originally intended for climbing, dare devils around the world have made their claim after a German manufacturer of climbing holds installed a line of over 650 artificial holds and bolts.

The climbing path stretches to a vertical distance of 165 meters, going from the base of the dam right to the top. As a deterrence to casual visitors who just may be deluded enough on that particular day, the lowest holds were deliberately placed several meters above the ground. If you are serious about the climb, a ladder is required to reach that first hold at 20 feet. After that and you are on your own. Once you have reached the top, you get rewarded with a terrific view of the Swiss Alps.

Via Oddity Central