by Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Friday 13 June 2014

A bunch of psychologists from Staffordshire’s Keele University recently presented the findings of a study to a British Psychological Society conference, suggesting that shooting off profanities can help with emotional resilience. Senior lecturer Dr Richard Stephens, who led the research, was intrigued by the effects of swearing while his then-pregnant wife was cursing incessantly in labour.

He went on to investigate the link between pain and swearing and conducted an experiment with two groups of participants. One group was told to swear away, and one told to keep mum. Both also had a glass of ice water in their hands. The cursing group were able to deal with the pain of holding the icy-cold glass of water for a longer period of time. The research team has theorised that such verbal venting can be a coping mechanism to help us all feel stronger. Sounds good to us.

Via Daily Mail