by Kenny Ong in New Products on Friday 13 June 2014

Transformer fan alert! Japanese toy and figure manufacturer Sentinel Co. will soon be launching three intricately designed transformer pens — Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime and an ultra special edition, Ultra Magnus. From their media release images, we are amazed how these pens can be so ridiculously accurate, right down to their teen weeny bits. In their robot forms, the figures have fully movable joints that allow them to point their blasters in various positions.

Standing at 10.5 cm (approximately 4 inches) tall in robot form and 14.3 cm (5 and 1/2 inches) long as your daily writing utensil, all three pens are priced at 4,298 yen (US$42). The Optimus Prime pen will be on sale in September, while the other two pens will be released in October.

Even as I speak, they’ve already started taking pre-orders for the Optimus Prime pen at several online shops based in Japan. What’s next? How about a smart phone transformer case? We await with bated breath.

Via Rocket News 24