Featured Image for At this hospital in Huai-an, China, nurses dress up as flight attendants

At this hospital in Huai-an, China, nurses dress up as flight attendants

In the city of Huai-an, China, there must have been a boardroom meeting conducted within a hospital whereby a board of director must have been worried sick about the fear and depression of patients having to stay in their hospital. ‘I know!, said he, ‘Let’s have our nurses dressed up like flight attendants so our patients will not be reminded they are in a hospital!’.

According to the Chinese media, the intention was to improve the quality of nursing at the hospital. Flight attendants are believed to have good manners, and this hospital hopes that by having their nurses trained and dressed like flight attendants, it will result in them providing better services to the patients. So guys, you can stop hoping that commercial flights will be staffed with female attendants dressed in nurse uniforms anytime soon.

Via Kotaku

flight attendant nurses
flight attendant nurses

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