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Christmas came early for these 250 Santa Clauses

It might have been terribly far from the North Pole but hundreds of Santas descended on Tampa, USA on May 15 for the International Santa Celebration organized by The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. That’s right, you can’t buy the beards from a store or yank them off. Some 250 Santas, some who were decked out in their plush red wool suits and thick flame-retardant boots despite the Florida heat, had congregated for some self-improvement on their Santa-ness.

‘We share tips like, Every picture you take, the hands should be in white gloves and they should always show in the photo‘, said one jolly Santa Bob Elkin. A platform where ideas are shared freely and new Santas are taught to answer those darned questions that kids ask, such as: ‘I don’t have a chimney so how will you get in my house?’, the celebration also hosted their first ever Santa sleigh show and the first ever Santa blood donation drive.

Which begs the question: Would one become extra jolly from receiving Santa’s blood?

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