Featured Image for 3D wire bird sculptures deliberately made to look like flattened 2D sketches

3D wire bird sculptures deliberately made to look like flattened 2D sketches

UK artist Celia Smith rigorously experiments with various forms of the most unglamorous of wires to create delightful bird sculptures of whimsy that are full of zeal and zest. Her flocks of birds are almost always poised in mid flight and strangely enough, they appear to be drawn out in pencil rather than sculpted from wires, possessing the same spontaneity and dynamism of a highly detailed sketch.

Smith said, on her website: ‘The wire gives the sculptures a sense of lightness and movement that you wouldn’t get if you used other materials. Each sculpture that I make is a three-dimensional drawing with the wires representing a quality of line’.

She added, ‘Birds are my main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is my primary concern. I find that wire has a spontaneity that can give my sculptures a feeling of life and energy’.

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wire birds
wire birds
wire birds
wire birds
wire birds

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