by Kenny Ong in Tech on Thursday 12 June 2014

JR East of Japan has recently released new images of its upcoming luxury sleeper train, with its passenger suites guaranteed to release some oohs and aahs. Based on a design theme that heralds ‘a train where passengers can enjoy the flow of time and space.’, its very cool carriages come with extra large windows for the largest possible view of the outside landscape.

An ‘observation’ area with plush sofas and natural light streaming in from all directions is located at both ends of the 10-car train.

In between are the five-star worthy dining car and snazzy lounge. There are altogether six guest rooms on board. Five of these contain three suites each, all of which include a private bathroom and shower facilities. If you are extra special, the sixth guest room is the deluxe suite where you should park your body. This split-level haven on tracks includes a bedroom, a living room, a guest room and even a bathtub for that languorous soak.

But don’t check your passport’s expiry date as yet cos this some-kind-of-wonderful will only go into service in the spring of 2017.

Via Rocket News 24