Featured Image for The best parents in the world held a Game of Thrones party for their 1-year old

The best parents in the world held a Game of Thrones party for their 1-year old

All men must die throw their kids an awesome ‘Game of Thrones’ themed birthday party – like what parents Eric and Lisa Cheung did for their 1-year-old, Emma. The not-so-bloody event included adorable props inspired by the George R.R. Martin series, like a mini Iron Throne for the young Khaleesi.

Eric tells Mashable that the Iron Throne was not forged with dragon breath and made from thousands of swords – as this was not age-appropriate, obviously – rather, they made it out of a Pottery Barn kid’s foam chair. They then wrapped it with linen and topped off with foam board and construction paper. As for treats, they gave away Stark’s head (candy apples) and dragon eggs.

When asked what they imagine to be Emma’s reaction to this when she’s grown up, Eric says, ‘I suspect she’ll find it amusing that she had her 15 minutes of Internet notoriety. At the very least it’ll make for an interesting wedding slide presentation’.

Via Mashable

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