by Kenny Ong in Architecture on Wednesday 11 June 2014

Unlike most people, a house is not a home for Bruce Cambell. He would rather live in a Boeing 727 surrounded by woods, thank you very much. So he purchased a retired Boeing 727 for about US$220,000 and install it in a suburban wooded area outside Portland, Oregon of USA.

The plane is now a comfortable home with electricity, a living area, a shower and a kitchen. Campbell lives in this plane 6 months every year, and then spends the second half in Japan, where surprise! surprise! he is looking to buy and similarly re-use another retired Boeing 747.

If you have similar tendencies as Campbell regarding your cave, you’ll be happy to note that there will be 500 to 600 aircrafts retired annually over the next two decades. That works out to some 10,000 to 12,000 potential new aircraft homes waiting to welcome you home. Start saving now!

Via Bored Panda