They’re putting homeless people piggy banks on the streets of Amsterdam to help get real homeless off them

Have a butchers at this clever and thought-provoking new campaign by Dutch charity , designed to raise funds and awareness for the rising levels of people sleeping rough on the streets of Amsterdam. A core group of people who were once homeless themselves, BADT has developed ‘A Piggy-bank for the Homeless’.

The project is simple and incredibly cheap to run, the activists sourced mannequins from around the city, dressed them in shabby clothing and cut a rough slot on the top of each of their heads, big enough to fit a coin.

These homeless models were left all over the city, clasping signs and looking like real homeless people at first glance. On further inspection however, passers-by noticed they were not real people and that the cardboard signs were asking for them to donate to BADT in order to help the homeless city-wide.
In total the campaign cost less than 100 Euros to set-up.

BADT created a of the campaign, explaining the nature of the crisis facing Amsterdam and the mannequins role in helping combat it.

Homeless mannequin family by BADT

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