Featured Image for Yup, this Japanese book tells you how to use the word ‘fuck’ correctly

Yup, this Japanese book tells you how to use the word ‘fuck’ correctly

How to Use Fuck Correctly: 99 Phrases Using Fuck, Shit, Damn And Hell That Schools Won’t Teach You That Should Be Used With Care – surely the loooooongest translated book title ever? – is a diligently detailed guide for any self respecting Japanese linguistic lover who cares deeply about learning the subtle differences in various situations that call for the use of these traditional 4-letter English curse words.

The usage of each of the four loaded words comes with an illustration of a celebrity, a movie scene, or something from Western pop culture to aid better understanding. The book also comes with a CD that allows users to hear the correct pronunciation of each word by a rather perky female voice.

How damn fucking thoughtful is that?!

Via Japan Subculture

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