Get a discount off your food bill for good behavior? In Calgary and Nice, you can!

Wow, what is this? When a couple went out for brunch with their young daughter at a local restaurant in northeast Calgary, they were astonished to see a ‘Well Behaved Kids’ discount of $5 on their final bill. Apparently it has been a restaurant practice for a year or so. With ill-mannered children becoming an increasingly common sight (and sound) in restaurants, this seems rather fitting.

Elsewhere in Nice, there is also a cafe with the price of its coffee fluctuating according to how polite the order request is. If you just say ‘Coffee’, it would cost 7 Euros; saying ‘Coffee, please’ will set you back by a modest 4.25 Euros; finally, if you say ‘Hi, coffee’, a sweet 1.4 Euros would be all you’ll need to part with.


Good behavior discount

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