by Milo Sumner in New Illustration on Tuesday 10 June 2014

According to most children’s stories and popular folklore, you can literally do whatever you want and get away with it, providing that you’re a little girl. Seriously, as long as you wear your hair in pigtails and skip everywhere, it seems you can get away with murder, robbery, possession of narcotics and much more besides.

Currently based in Spain, artist and illustrator Marilen Adrover has created a series that draws attention to this huge discrepancy in gender favouritism from the authorities of fairytale-land.

Adrover has drawn the theoretical mugshots of some of our most-loved little ladies, including Alice and Goldilocks, if they had been brought to justice for their terrible crimes.

We love Adrover’s sassy style. Hopefully, she’ll create more Folk Tales to keep us chuckling.

Via Imgur