The great escape: pig jumps out of moving truck in desperate bid for freedom

‘We’re gonna escape this dang truck or die trying!’ said the brave pig to his fellow inmates as they made their way to a slaughter house in Foshan, China. These images were captured by a keen-eyed driver who was driving right behind the moving pig transport. It shows a daring pig attempting to, as Mirror puts it, ‘save his bacon’.

The pig first hopped on the backs of his friends (piggy back?) to reach the top of the cage. It then jumped off the moving vehicle, appearing to dive face first onto the concrete. Ouch!

The pig looked uninjured and made its way across a busy street, before finally getting captured again by its captor a few minutes later.  Let’s have a few moments of silence to honor the bravery and effort of Spider-Pig.

Via The Mirror

pig escape1

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