by Low Lai Chow in New Art on Monday 9 June 2014

‘Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul’ is what Amsterdam-based Jay Freestyle lives by, and looking at just perfectly he inks each and every one of his tattoo creations, it is hard to believe that the tatt artist — true to his name — goes straight to inking his clients from scratch on the spot without relying on any sketches. Now that’s what we call inspiration at work.

UPDATE: Check out this excerpt from our upcoming exclusive interview with Jay Freestyle!

Can you explain the meaning behind your slogan, ‘Give me a piece of your skin & I’ll give you a piece of my soul’?

I only do custom work. I try to put my heart and soul into every piece and make it as unique and special as I possibly can. So as long as you can give me some skin to work on, I’ll give you art, which to me is the same as giving my soul.

Take us through your creative process while you’re at work. What goes through your mind while you’re improvising/freestyling a tattoo?

The collector has a large impact on the creative process. Some people I have an automatic click with and we bounce ideas back and forth or they just give me total freedom. Those collectors always end up with my best work. When I have total freedom, it’s easier to just create art.

Mostly I’m thinking about how the piece fits the area of this exact body and how it will flow along its shape. If it’s a large tattoo then I try to focus on creating movement in the piece and focus on how the piece looks as a whole from a distance. Smaller tattoo’s I then do the opposite, because of the lack of space I create a more static look and will focus more on small details.

Via Daily Mail