Yes, at US$2000 a meal, this IS the world’s most expensive restaurant

Billed as the world’s most expensive restaurant, Ibiza’s Sublimotion is described as a never-before novel gastro-sensory adventure to be experienced – at a mere fee of US$2000 to be exact. In return, you are treated to an elaborate 20-course meal created by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, which should hopefully blow your mind as it drains your pockets.

Set to be open at Playa d’en Bossa, a major holiday resort in Ibiza, the five-star restaurant will accept only 12 guests at a time and provide them with ‘an experience for all the senses’. The menu is still shrouded in secrecy but already promises a ‘complete and unprecedented emotional experience’ to all the lucky diners.

‘The dishes will cause a stir among the most neglected senses; from moments of humor and pleasure to reflection and nostalgia. Diners will be wandering through a world of sensations, from the North Pole where they will enjoy a cold snack that they carve on their own iceberg to the baroque Versailles where the elegance of a rose is sure to melt in their palate’, a spokesperson said.

As for the ambience at Sublimotion, it is also designed to titillate one’s senses as there would be ‘state-of-the-art’ systems that will create a ‘vivid setting transcending human senses’.

Via Oddity Central

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