by Tristan Rayner in New Fashion on Thursday 5 June 2014

Clothes designers who are really trying to look out for you, rather than peddle their take on what people should wear, aren’t found all that often. So when they do, we should take a closer look. Just how much can you innovate on the classic pants and shirt? Well, you’ll find out.

Outerboro, founded in 2012 and based in Taiwan, are delivering men’s urban wear with a difference: designed for the city by a team of active urban dwellers. They’re led by sustainability too, with eco-friendly materials and fabrics that need less washing.

Take this for example: your new shirt is water-resistant, thanks to nanotechnology. Quick dry. It’s also carefully woven with 3M’s reflective material, completely unnoticeable in the day, but at night, actually protecting you from being run over.

Outerboro's Nightgrid Gingham Shirt reflecting in car headlights

Outerboro’s Nightgrid Gingham Shirt reflecting in car headlights

There’s a pocket on your lower back to put your valuables in and feel safe. Most importantly, your partner will approve of the nice cut and style. We know that much.

That’s the Nightgrid Gingham Shirt, keeping you safe with subtle protection.

Even better, is the Motile Breeze blazer and pants. This stylish suit repels water, and more importantly, flexes. Made with stretchy material that allows movement four ways, it’s durable and fast drying, going from thrown in the washer to dry in just a few hours.

We trialled the gear in the office, and the biggest thing to note was how comfortable we were at the end of the day. The flex in the blazer was most noticeable – no longer are you stuck when stretching and opening your shoulders.

The clothes are different to almost anything we’ve worn before, but looking sharp doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice things you need: comfort, protection and versatility.

Any criticisms?

Well, the range isn’t huge yet, and only menswear is covered for now. Via email, the company told us that a women’s line will be coming out in the next few months, as well as a range of accessories which should be interesting.

Women’s fashion has progressed further than menswear, so we await with keen interest.