by Milo Sumner in New Illustration on Thursday 5 June 2014

Every artist has their medium: paper, canvas, wood, stone, bodies or simply a wall. This mystery student at Victoria University in Wellington has decided that they can best express themselves through the medium of…desks. That’s right, an anonymous artist has been ‘vandalising’ university property all over campus with amazing interpretations of famous paintings.

The talented student has brought about a welcome change from tits, dicks and crude graffiti by drawing works by the artists such as da Vinci, Botticelli and Vermeer. Clearly not one to be pigeonholed though, they have also included portraits of more current figures such as Marilyn Monroe and even Daenerys Stormborn with one of her dragons (for all of you Game of Thrones fans out there).

Although, now that we think about, isn’t this a bad reflection on whatever course this Will Hunting character is studying? Let’s hope it wasn’t sheer boredom that drove them to create these stunning images.

Oh, and they are all done with a Bic biro, a BLUE Bic biro. Awesomeness multiplied by ten.