by Inigo del Castillo in Cool Travel on Thursday 5 June 2014

Better bring an extra pair of underwear when you try out this ride. And while you’re at it, bring an EMT as well. Falcon’s Fury is a 335-foot ride that’s set to terrify park goers this coming spring at Busch Gardens Tampa with its 60-foot, face first drop.

Riders are taken to the top of the structure, where the seats begin to tilt forward 90 degrees, giving them an unenviable 300-foot free fall view. When the drop begins, riders will reach 60 mph and 3.5 g-force. After a hundred feet of falling, magnets in the seats will bring the ride to an upright position before finally ending the harrowing experience.

Expect long lines when this attraction opens. Also expect lots of people regretting they ever made the decision to try the ride.

Via Gizmodo