by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Tuesday 3 June 2014

So many clubs. Football clubs, knitting clubs, gun clubs, book clubs – there’s thousands of clubs out there. But what about those really obscure clubs no one hardly speaks of? For instance, did you know that there’s a club that only people smarter than .999999999 of the population can join? It’s called The Giga Society.

There’s six people in the club. There’s also an ejection tie club, where only those fired out of a military plane by ejection seat are able to gain membership.

Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini took photos of clubs for their book HobbyBuddies. You’ll see almost every kind of club here – pigeon fancier clubs, astronomer clubs, boxing clubs, and my very favourite: the hat club.

Via Trendhunter