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Shaking head selfies are becoming popular in Japan

I think they captured their best angle with this one. Yup, this selfie trend will definitely be turning heads. Currently in Japan, taking head-shaking photos is slowly becoming popular. They call it, ‘atama furinagara shashin toru no’, or translated as, ‘shaking your head while taking a photo’.

Some may find it amusing and funny, but for me, I find it a bit creepy. The shaking head motion causes the photograph to blur, revealing a selfie of a faceless being. Yuni Kitadai, a Kotaku commenter, captures the eerie feeling vibe perfectly, ‘This reminds me of the Original Ring movie. Once you are affected ‘cursed’ by the Sadako Video tape, every picture of you turns to this. Remember?’

Via Kotaku

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