by Kenny Ong in Cool Travel on Tuesday 3 June 2014

Are you seriously stressed from your daily hustle and bustle? Do you feel worried, tensed and prone to fidgeting every five minutes? Perhaps a stint inside a prison would do you wonders. Not any good old prison, of course, but one conceptually called ‘Prison Inside Me’. Standing on the outskirts of Hongcheon, about 58 miles northeast of Seoul, it is the creation of 47-year-old Kwon Yong-seok, an ex-lawyer. The facility is promoted as a non-profit, stress-reduction center with a penal yet spiritual atmosphere.

Built at about 2 billion won (US$19 million) raised from loans and donations from friends and relatives of Kwon, a two-night stay at Prison Inside Me costs 150,000 won (US$146.00) at any one of the 28 60-square-foot solitary confinement cells. This is where the inmates will spend most of their time, meditating and silently reflecting on life. Inmates wear a regulation uniform and have to surrender their cell phones and belongings. Each cell is furnished with a toilet, a sink and a small table.

Meals are served through a slot in the door. Staying at The Ritz it isn’t, and you can forget about room service. If solitude becomes too much to bear, there are also meditation classes, spiritual classes, and ‘healing’ plays conducted as group sessions in the auditorium. Just in case you start harboring ideas of a prison break.

Via Oddity Central