by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Monday 2 June 2014

Nina Röder’s photography project Mutters Schuhe (Mother’s Shoes) depicts herself, mother and grandmother wearing the same outfit, in the same pose, in the same setting. All three sets are ‘based on pivotal moments or memories from Röder’s mother’s life’. For instance, the clothes that they are wearing belonged to her mum and ‘reference moments like Röder’s mother’s prom night and her life as a hairdresser’.

The reason behind Röder’s series is really touching, too. She explains that it was a way to get to know her mother better and a way to learn indirectly more about herself. ‘I wanted to see her not only as my mother – but as a woman who had a life before me. A life full of hopes, first loves, dreams and ideas’.

Via My Modern Met